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Reasons Why You Are Lagging Behind In Sports

You need to remember that the key importance in any marathon is to not give up. This is a good time to start exploring and think about your life goals. Every time you feel like you want to give up, start thinking about your target ahead and how badly that you want to run up to the finishing line. All your practice will go to waste if you stop mid-way. After all ,a marathon is all about coming together for one goal and that is to keep going to the finish line and once your done you will realize that you can achieve anything beyond impossible.Have you ever wondered why you are the last one to be picked in any team for sports or always been kept in line at the last during physical exercise? Some of us can relate to this moment and we’ve always wondered why we keep lagging behind in sports. Could it be genetic? Not really. You can still aspire your dreams to be a basketball player although your dad or granddad never played in their life. It’s necessary that you have the proper mindset and the workouts to reach your goals. For all you aspiring to be the next Usain bolt or Michael Phelps but are still trying to get through the basics, here are 5 reasons that could be an obstacle to your dreams.

Not being ambitious

Basically you’re building castles in the air. You haven’t set any goals. At this point you assume that things will go your work but you are not working hard enough to achieve those goals. Sports is not only physical but your mind needs to be focused on what you are doing. Have ambitions and set your targets. Choose the kind of sports that you are really good at. Don’t set unrealistic expectations that you will be the best player within a year but have your ambitions set at a realistic bar. This important before you joining any team

Zero attendance

Days before the tournament, you are missing out practices and fitness trainers Wollongong. You haven’t been to the fitness center for a long time. When the day comes and you are unable to even lift a finger. Working out on your skills before the game is important. Signing up for the big game isn’t enough unless you keep pushing yourself to achieve your targets.

Let your body rest

Don’t overdo yourself when it comes to practicing. You don’t have to spend 24 hours at the studio doing sprint coaching before the big athletic game. Take your time and give your body the time to recover after all the tiring workout. Always remember to have a healthy balanced diet. Don’t eat too much or don’t too little. Keep it balanced and healthy.

Accept the criticism

Don’t hold on to grudges with your team mates. Keep up the spirit among the members and don’t be a spoilsport. Learn to accept your mistakes. Be the bigger person and learn from your drawbacks. No one became a champion overnight and neither will you. Your coach knows what’s best for you and what’s not good for you. Listen to it and remember not to repeat those mistakes again. Sports is a great way to inculcate good habits in every individual’s life. It teaches you patience and the perseverance to keep going even after all the failures. Now that you know what’s missing in you to be a great sportsman, you can take up these few point and have a great comeback next time.

Posted by Noemi Dellucci on

Directing Your Children To A Healthy Lifestyle

Children today are adults tomorrow and leaders in the industry and business world. In order to manage the commerce and country, they should be of robust mind and body. Although it is seen frequently that kids nowadays are glued to technological equipment rather than stepping outside. If your children are also so-inclined, it is your responsibility to take steps to change it.

Activities at School

Schools will always have times dedicated to physical education and outdoor activities. Make sure your children take part in them. Apart from keeping their physical health, they can learn important lessons such as value of team work, and accepting both winning and losing alike. If your son or daughter is not in to team games, get them to participate in individual sports. They can choose from swimming, track and field, gymnastics and much more. Extend your support not only by dropping them at the pool, but also activities like taking them to the mall to flexi roll crash mat. This will make them aware that you believe in their physical prowess even if they are not particularly good at sports. Setting an example is also important. Remember your fitness also matters for a healthy and happy life for yourself and your family. If as parents you eat junk food most of the time, and do not engage in a sport or exercise, then it is a lost cause trying to get only your kids to be healthy.

Show you care (to a limit)

Parents sometimes make the error of “caring too much”. Even though they engage in a competitive sport, it does not have to be won every time your child participates in a championship. Instead you can show your love by visiting as a spectator for the games, making sure they have all supported items of the sports gear, for e.g. electric pump for air tracks if they are in to gymnastics. Sports will teach many a valuable lessons to your kids, including, but not limited to, being organized, not to engage in cheating and lose with dignity. From the little ages children should be directed to understand the worth as well as the dire need of physical fitness. Too many adults and parents are used to taking remedial actions after something happens, not having taken steps to preventing it. Keeping fit should be a lifestyle rather than a forced step taken in the fear of obesity or being cornered in school. Parents and teachers alike have a great obligation to convey the message to the next generation. Even as we speak technology specific sicknesses are taking over the world. Even though scientists will continue to seek cures for them, there might not be treatments for some of them; or some may not able to be completely cured. So keeping in mind that prevention is better than cure, is important.